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Indian Food Recipes, Spices, Cooking - India Bite

India Bite is one of the best place where you can find wide varieties of Indian recipes, indian food and meals. You can also share your own recipes with India Bite and enjoy the pleasure of Indian cooking. We have also listed different types of indian restaurants, indian hotels as well as regional food recipes. Without doubt our aim to ensnure you into a truly unique, unforgettable healthy diet and cooking experience. We combine the ancient with the modern and take you down the path to losing yourself in the exotic flavours of india.

Vegetarian Food, Vegetables, Indian Vegetrian food, Indian vegetiables, vegetarian dishes

Vegetarian Food
Vegetables are an integral part of our food and we consume them in a number of ways. For pure vegetarians India is a heaven. India can boast for its innumerable varieties of tasty and nutritious vegetarian dishes. In India, more people are vegetarians than anywhere else in this planet. Some of the famous indian recipes are Navratan Korma, Shahi Paneer and more...

Non Vegetarian Food, Non Veg Food, Fish Dishes, Indian Cuisine

Non Vegetarian Food
The Non-Vegetarian side of Indian cuisine comprises of many juicy, tender delicacies made with eggs, mutton, chicken, fish etc. There is a great variety of meat, poultry and fish dishes in Indian Cuisine, here we have made an effort to present most of the non-vegetarian dishes served. more...

Indian Breads, Breads Recipes

Indian Breads Recipe
In India, bread is eaten more in the northern regions of the country because of its dry climate.There are a variety of breads consumed in India like roti, naan and paratha, roomali roti, naan , aloo paratha. Indian roti is flat and cooked on a tava or cast-iron griddle. It can also be cooked in a tandoor. Roti is thin and made of atta (wholewheat). more...

Chinese Food, Indian Chinese Recepie, Chowmein, Chilli Chicken

Indian Chinese Recepie
In India, chinese food like chowmein, chilli chicken, fried rice are liked by one and all. But over a period of time actual chinese cooking has indianised and taken up the form of indo- chinese. So in keeping up with trend we have provided some indochinese recipes like fried rice, chilli chicken, gobhi manchurian. more...

Indian Snacks, Snacks, samosas, aloo tikki, Snacks Receipes

Indian Snacks
The Indian snacks are usually delicious and mouth watering. Savouries like samosas, aloo tikki etc. are commonly served in India. This section is comprised of recipes which have been passed on for generation together in Indian homes. The crispness and tempting tastes of indian snacks is liked by young and old alike.. more...

Microwave Cooking, Cooking Indian food in microwaves, modern microwave

Microwave Cooking Recipe
Cooking Indian food in microwaves. Who says you can't cook up some delicious Indian food in a modern microwave? It's low-cal, clean and efficient. Some of these recipes are Paneer Matar, Mutton Chops, Makki Korma and Bharwan Baigan Curries can be cooked in the microwave on a Roast or Simmer setting (medium/high), and the meat is cooked slowly. more...

Indian Sweets, Indian desserts, Sweets Recipes, Indian Mithai, Kulfi, Gajjar ka halwa

Indian Sweets and Desserts Recipes
Indian desserts are very tempting and mouth watering. Be it a scorching summer or a bone clattering winter indian mithai is always too difficult to resist. A sumptuous meal is always incomplete without sweet dish like gulab jamun or kulfi or gajjar ka halwa more...

Hotels in India, Indian Hotels

Hotels in India
If you are searching for the indian hotels, india bite is one of the better place to find best Indian Hotels, delhi, mumbai, chennai, kolkatta, ahmedabad, jaipur, lucknow, pune and other indian cities. more...

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